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The Four Pillars Of Breast Cancer Recovery

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In this first pillar you'll learn about the importance of letting go of thoughts and expectations that leave you feeling drained, frustrated, angry and sad. When you recoginize and decide to let go of thought that bring up negative emotions, you create space for something new.

Check out this podcast on letting go for even more support.



When you're tired, scared, and trumatized the last thing you need to do is push yourself harder to get "back to normal" or show them how strong you are. This is the time when you need to check in with yourself and give yourself space for nourishing your mind, body and spirit. Renewal is about so much more than diet and exercise.

Here's a podcast for more insights on caring for yourself to restore your wellness.



When you look at your ife and you feel like it doesn't fit anymore but you don't know what to do about it, that's where the regroup pillar comes in. Ths is a time when you've let go of what is keeping you stuck, discovered how good it feels to listen to your body and realized that you desrve the all the best. Close connections, positive support and a commnity that lifts you up.

Here's a podcast to give you more insights on regrouping your life.



Reviving your life is all about breathing life, energy and joy back into your days. It's the process of discovering what you truly love, deciding to make it a part of your life and taking the next smallest step to make it happen. When we're in Revive, we're creative, open, honoring ourselves and our boundaries and sharing the gifts we bring to this world with the world.

Check out this Podcast for more support in Reviving your life.


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