Listen Now! - #282 Healthy Boundaries and Toxic Relationships After Breast Cancer


I Know What You're Going Through

I'm so glad you're taking a step to support your health and relieve your suffering and struggles.

Recovering from, and living with breast cancer can wear you down emotionally and physically.

It's scary to wonder about the safety of everything you eat or put on your skin.

It's hard to deal with the fear of a cancer recurrence...or to hear you have a recurrence.

Sometimes it's just hard to move past feeling pissed off that you got cancer in the first place.

I hear you, and I understand because I've been there too.

My name is Laura, and while I was going through chemotherapy and surgeries to treat stage 2B breast cancer, every day I thought about the end goal...the day I would finish and get back to “normal” and start living my healthy, active life again.

But that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I had to overcome A LOT of physical and mental struggles and I had to learn to stop being my own worst enemy.

It took me a long time to realize...if I wanted to feel better, I HAD to change the story I was telling myself about what it meant to recover from breast cancer treatment.

That work changed my life and has allowed me to thrive even after a stage 4 recurrence.

I want to help you do the same.

Trying to figuring out what to eat after breast cancer?

Download my FREE guide How to Eat Without Fear and Guilt After Breast Cancer and change the way you think about food for good. 


Better Than Before Breast Cancer
Life Coaching Membership

This powerful Life Coaching membership is a one of a kind experience for breast cancer survivors. Each month you receive the coaching and support you need to move past the suffering, trauma and fear of breast cancer to creating a life that's even better than before breast cancer. Enroll today and discover how that's possible for you.


The Four Pillars of Breast Cancer Recovery Coaching Experience


One of the most powerful programs I ever created is back with a new name, and updated content. Start 2023 off by giving yourself the support, guidance, and tools that can change the way you think about cancer, wellness, and life forever. Isn't it time to create a life that's Better Than Before Breast Cancer™?


The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach Podcast 

This free, weekly podcast offers support and guidance on all the things we have to deal with after breast cancer, and throughout life.

You'll also hear insights and stories from other survivors and experts on how to manage the challenges that come with getting back to life after breast cancer.


"After being diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer and undergoing the torturous treatment regimens of surgery, chemo, and radiation, I was in desperate need of tools to empower me moving forward. Laura’s program was just that. Through encouragement, connection to resources, and daily activities, I became empowered to take action in the best way for me! "

Kelly B.

"After listening to the Breast Cancer Recovery podcast throughout the many months of my reconstruction surgeries, I was thrilled to hear about Laura’s program. For me, the podcasts were like a visiting neighbor, girlfriend, or sister caring for my emotional well-being during a fragile stage. But now that I’m stronger, The shared group and video calls bring a needed sense of community. So now, I feel more whole and I’ve learned to face fear. Like Laura says, You have to take fear by the hand and say, “Come on with me you little sh..” and journey on. Kiss, Kiss Laura & forever grateful. "

Mary Jo W.

"When I was finishing my 2 years of breast cancer treatments, I was really lost. I was grateful to be alive, but I wasn’t the same person... People told me I had won the match, but I just felt different, beat up and confused. When I started listening to Laura’s podcast (she) made me feel not only comforted but hopeful...She is an excellent coach. I am so grateful to this woman I have never met for caring enough to provide incredible support for me in this “after cancer” space. I felt very alone, but now feel so much sisterhood and validation, knowing I am not crazy (maybe a little)."

Mary Ann E.

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