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The Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership


This powerful Life Coaching membership is a one of a kind experience for breast cancer survivors. Each month you receive the coaching and support you need to move past the suffering, trauma and fear of breast cancer to creating a life that's even better than before breast cancer. Enroll today and discover how that's possible for you.


Private Coaching Sessions

Experience the transformation of one on one coaching sessions. My mission is to support you in processing the pain of breast cancer and learning to love the current version of yourself.

Imagine feeling confident and joyful again. We'll work together to uncover the thoughts that keep you in pain and learn new was to take control of your thinking and create the results you want in your life. 


The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach Podcast 

This free, weekly podcast offers support and guidance on all the things we have to deal with after breast cancer, and throughout life.

You'll also hear insights and stories from other survivors and experts on how to manage the challenges that come with getting back to life after breast cancer.


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What my members are saying


Laura knows her stuff from several angles. She is an excellent coach...I am so grateful to this woman I have never met for caring enough to provide incredible support for me in this “after cancer” space. 

-Mary Ann Eller


Learning how to reframe my thoughts helps in so many other areas too, from purposefully claiming my deciding how I will choose to enjoy treats instead of food controlling me. I find that I take care of myself with sleep, exercise, eating, and destressing with a renewed passion.

-Kristin Magee


The session on practicing “self compassion” was a great reminder to be gentle with myself!
I also made some great breakthroughs as I explored my relationship with food.  
My journey forward is better because of the time I spent in the workshops.  

Laura!  You are amazing!

-Debi Arnold

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