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Breast Cancer is not a journey you need to do on your own. Working with a coach who knows what you've been through and has the skills to support you in a safe place without judgment is a game-changer.

Choose an approach that works for you and start creating a life that's Better Than Before Breast Cancer™


Better Than Before Breast Cancer™ Life Coaching Membership 

Step into a world of support with a coach who knows what you're going through and how to hold a safe space to support your physical and emotional healing.

  • Group Coaching
  • Private Sessions
  • Library of Courses and Recorded Calls
  • Member-only Podcast 
  • Special Member Discounts


Private Coaching 

Experience a private space with one-on-one attention

  • A safe space to process your emotions
  • Develop a personalized lifestyle plan
  • Get the tools to shift your mindset
  • Grow the ability to treat yourself with grace and compassion


Metabolic Health Coaching

Stop guessing what your body needs and develop a roadmap to support your health.

  • Understand your genetics and the power you have over them
  • Learn to use your labwork as a guide to your healthy lifestyle
  • See your life story through a new lens that tells the story of what your body needs
  • Learn to implement a metabolic approach to creating your optimal health



Choose a course that supports you where you're at now

  • Take a holistic approach to recovery with my signature course The Four Pillars of Breast Cancer Recovery
  • Dive into a heart-centered approach to wellness in my 90 Days of Wellness course.
  • Becoming You 2.0 will walk you through the process of reconnecting to yourself, identifying where you're stuck, and deciding on a path to create the future version of you that you dream about.
Choose a Course That Speaks to You

What clients are saying...

Laura breaks it down into short lessons with guided materials to support. Plus, the shared group and video calls bring a needed sense of community.

Mary Jo Wentzel

"I found in Laura someone that “gets it” and has been there. I found her podcasts so insightful, so practical and she simplifies things that are not easy. I knew I had a lot to learn from this lady."

Lynda Forde

"I learned many things about how to live more peacefully and more joyfully in the moment, even as I walk alongside the fears that come with being a cancer survivor."  

Kristin Magee