About Laura

Since I'm not a big fan of talking about myself or boring people with "about me" stories, I'll give you a list of what I love, what I know, and my back ground.

What I love: (not in any list of priorities...except for family and friends)

Family and friends - I'm one of 6 kids, I have four children, and 3 grandchildren.

Empowering others -Especially women! We're just too hard on ourselves.

Delicious Food - Cooking it and eating it.

Anything that sparkles...anything!

Books and audio books Everything from thrillers, to self empowerment, to the great courses.

Exercise - Weights, yoga, and spin are my top 3.

Learning - Especially Science-ESPECIALLY biology.

Educating others - I truly believe that knowledge is power.

The Ocean Everything about it.

Craft Cocktails - I know alcohol is a risk factor but I also believe in balance so I drink a lot of water too. 

What I know: (At least some of the big stuff)

Cancer is a part of my body - Although I would prefer not to have cancer in me, I also won't allow myself to hate my body.

Recovering from breast cancer needs to be talked about - We don't just go back to normal.

Happiness heals - You HAVE to find ways to integrate joy into your life every day. A "fight" mentality is the opposite of a "healing" mentality. You must learn to love yourself.

Painful emotions are like a leak in the plumbing - You can try to plug them up, but they'll find another crack to leak through until you eventually give them the attention they need.

Gratitude is not all encompassing - You can be grateful for life and still not like your muffin top!

You have all the answers inside of you - Sometimes you just need a guide to show you where they are, and help you trust yourself. 

We are all connected - Being part of a community of like minded people makes you stronger.

Real food, physical activity, good sleep and mindful thinking are the pillars of health - Not being skinny.

My Background:
Born and raised in Southern California -Currently living in Sunset Beach.

Married to a great guy - Co-Parenting 2 adorable Cockapoos, Tucker and Mo

A bachelor's degree and a certification in Healthy Lifestyle coaching and health coaching (ASU and ACE)

Lots of Health and Fitness Certifications- You can read about them here.

Host of an International podcast - The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach.

Clinical Ayurveda Specialist - You can read about that here.

Creator of The Revived Membership Experience- and other coaching programs that support survivors and thrivers in living a life that's better than before breast cancer.

Founder of the Breast Cancer Recovery Group - A free Facebook support group you can join here.


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