About Laura

Since I'm not a big fan of talking about myself or boring people with "about me" stories, I'll give you a list of what I love, what I know, and my back ground.

What I love: (not in any list of priorities...except for family and friends ; )

-Family and friends ( I'm one of 6 kids and I have four children and 3 grandchildren)
-Empowering others (Especially women! we're just too hard on ourselves)

-Delicious Food (Cooking it and eating it)
-Anything that sparkles...anything!
-Books and audio books (Everything from thrillers, to self empowerment, to the great courses)
-Exercise (Weights, yoga, and spin are my top 3)
-Learning (Especially Science-ESPECIALLY biology)
-Educating others (I truly believe that knowledge is power)
Outdoors (especially the ocean)
Craft Cocktails (I know alcohol is a risk factor but I also believe in balance so I drink a lot of water too)


What I know: (At least some of the big stuff)

-Cancer Sucks! (I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2011)
-Recovering from breast cancer needs to be talked about (We don't just go back to normal)
Happiness heals (You HAVE to find ways to integrate joy into your life every day)
Painful emotions are like a leak in the plumbing (You can try to plug them up but they'll find another crack to leak through until you eventually give them the attention they need)
Gratitude is not all encompassing ( You can be grateful for life and still not like your muffin top!)
You have all the answers inside of you (Sometimes you just need a guide to show you where they are and help you trust yourself)
-We are all connected (Being part of a community of like minded people makes you stronger)
Real food, physical activity, good sleep and mindful thinking are the pillars of health. (Not being skinny)

My Background:
-Born and raised in Southern California (Currently living in Sunset Beach)
-Married to a great guy (Co-Parenting 2 adorable Cockapoos)
A bachelor's degree and a certification in Healthy Lifestyle coaching and health coaching (ASU and ACE)
-Lots of Health Certifications(You can read about them here)
-Host of an International podcast (The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach)
-Clinical Ayurveda Specialist (You can read about that here)
-Creator of REVIVIFY (My 10 week online coaching program to help women get back to life after breast cancer)
-Founder of the Breast Cancer Recovery Group ( A free Facebook support group you can join here.)


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