#100 Insights From The Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes

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This episode is a celebration of transformation. As I reflect on the ten most popular episodes of the first 100 recordings, I’ll share some special moments and some behind the scenes stories with you. 


The past three years of this podcast have brought on a lot of growth for me, and for the women who listen to this podcast and work through my programs. 


I could not be more thrilled to share this special episode and to express my gratitude for every survivor out there who supports the work I do by listening to this show and implementing change in their lives. 


10. #64 How to Manage the Fear of a Cancer Recurrence

9. #18 Gratitude and Your Health

8. #68 Dr. Robert Nagourney on Outliving Cancer

7. #34 Two Fungi You Want to Know Better

6. #6 Take What You Need

5. #25 Young Breast Cancer Survivors

4. #37 Body Fat and Cancer Treatment

3. #2 Train Your Brain to Think Healthier Thoughts

2. #1 Let Your Lifestyle be Your Medicine

1. #8 Five Facts You Need to Know
About the Ketogenic Diet and
Breast Cancer

Read Full transcript Below:

Hello, and welcome to episode 100 of the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach podcast!


I am so excited to have you here with me today on this landmark show. Wow! 100 episodes and more than three years of podcasting has changed me in so many ways.


I gave a lot of thought to what this episode should be about. I asked my go-to group, the ladies in my Empower membership, for their thoughts, which I value so much. If I'm the CEO of my company, I feel like they're my board of directors, and I'm thrilled to have such a trusted group of women to work with and to turn to.


Ultimately, I looked back over the top ten episodes of the show, and I decided to use some highlights from those episodes along with what I learned from them and what has been created in this breast cancer recovery community since the first show aired in March of 2017.


Now right off the bat, you might be thinking that math doesn't work. How are you only at 100 episodes if you started in March of 2017, and I'll get to that story too.


First, I want to share this with you. Back in 2006, when I was going through yoga teacher training. The man who led the program was from India; he had lived and trained with yogis in the Himalayas for many years and had since come to the United States and become a phenomenally successful businessman. One of his students ran the yoga studio that I practiced at, and together they developed the yoga teacher training that I went through.


One day he and I were talking, and he said to me, Laura, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start your own business. Because when you must run your own business, you learn more about yourself than anything else in life can teach you.


And I took that to mean that you have to be self-motivated and get the work done without being accountable to someone else because all the responsibility is on you...but what I didn't understand was you have to face yourself, your self-doubt, your fears, your tenacity, your vulnerability...all of it...everything on a whole new level when you have your own business.


When I finished treatment in 2012, all I knew was I wanted to pay it forward and connect to breast cancer survivors everywhere. I wanted to let them know they were not alone; I wanted to help them find their inner strength. I wanted them to feel comfortable and confident and fulfilled, leading the lives they chose to create.


I had no idea what that would look like or what it would take for me to create it, but I was all in.

And I talk about that in episode #1, which remains in the top ten episodes of this podcast to this day.


But in the tradition of a true top ten, I want to start with the #10 episode, which is episode # 64...Managing the fear of cancer recurrence. I got to admit I'm a little surprised that this episode isn't higher on the list because I know, and you know that fear of recurrence is high up on the list for most survivors. 


So, I looked back through the transcript of that episode, and I thought if there was one thing I could emphasize. One thing, after all, I've learned from my own experience and from all the survivors I've coached since this podcast started…. this is what I would choose from that episode… Clip #1


I just can't emphasize this enough my friend...the nature of the life we live is that you have to do the work if you want the results...but while you do this work...be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, know that you are fantastic and perfect every day of this journey...and know that you can change the way you think about yourself and that will make things a whole lot easier.


And that brings us to number 9...episode #18...Gratitude and your health...I just want to say something as a side note...thinking of titles is not easy...I mean do you just keep it simple and just say this is about gratitude and your health...do you try to think up something cute and catchy...it might seem silly, but it really is something I struggle with.


Back in episode 22, I interviewed Betty Alterman, the owner of pink ribbon plus a company that specialized in radiation and chemo skincare, mastectomy bras, and prosthetics, and I named it beautify your breast. Really...ugh, that's why I'm not a copywriter!


Anyway, back to episode 18. 


There was a lot I liked about this episode, but one thing really stood out to me, and that's what I want to share with you today. 


I love this clip because you, my ladies, are often way too hard on yourselves, and I know that many of you perceive asking for help or not getting it all done as a weakness or a failure.

So, stop what you're doing and please just listen to this...really take it in... Clip # 2


As my dear friend, mind-body oncologist, Erin Summerville says...happiness heals...allow yourself to connect to others, to let love flow through your life and to take time for what brings you peace in your life...this is part of staying well.


Ok we're on to #8...I got to tell you; this was one of my favorite episodes. It's #68; It's an interview with Dr. Robert Nagourney on outliving cancer. 


Dr. Nagourney is an accomplished researcher and oncologist...he's so smart and speaks so elegantly. He is an incredible advocate for bringing cancer treatment into the millennium, and I was definitely nervous about doing this interview...in fact, I felt weird at the end because usually, I'll chat a bit with my guests when we're done recording. 


But he's so busy, and I worked with his team to coordinate a time slot to speak with him, and when we're done, I remember feeling so awkward and saying thank you so much for the time, having a great day and then I just clicked off...I thought.. Was that weird...omg was that too abrupt? But I sent him a thank-you note, and that made me feel better.


Anyway, I have a lot of favorite clips from that episode, but I decided on sharing this one, and I'll tell you why after you hear it…" Clip #3

I love this clip for a couple of reasons…


1-A credible physician acknowledges that we come out of treatment a little bit damaged...I think that's something you really need to let set in because if you do, it might help you release the fight and the often negative emotions that come with the desire to go back to normal after treatment.

The second reason I love it is because he says you have the power to support your healing with two free therapies...exercise and sleep.


We dismiss these necessary, natural pillars of health too easily and I believe it's so important to educate everyone on the therapeutic benefits of sleeping well and moving your body daily.


And now we are up to #7 in the top ten...this one surprised me too It's episode #34...two fungi that you want to know better...and there again is my struggle with a good title!


I'm incredibly pleased that this is one of the top ten episodes because it tells me that my audience is open to natural nutrition therapies, and that's awesome. 


I am a huge fan of herbal medicine, and I do believe that the earth provides all the things we need to support our wellness...that does not mean that I don't think there is a place for western medicine. There absolutely is because most of us don't lead a naturally balanced lifestyle and because there are diseases that will kill us and that the development of modern medicine has made it possible to treat or cure and to spare our lives.


There are some powerful natural substances that are more and more easily available to us, and western science is studying and validating. If the catchy title from this episode didn't get you to listen lol, here's the scoop on one of the amazing mushrooms that I talk about in that episode…. Clip #4


If you haven't listened to that episode, there is some really great information in there on other mushrooms as well as suppliers where you can get the supplements and even coffees and hot chocolate made with these wonderful adaptogens.


And this brings us to #5 on the top 10, and this is an episode that is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons. #6 on the list is episode #25 young breast cancer survivors.


I recorded this show with my friend and fellow breast cancer mentor, Janelle Linares, who was diagnosed at 33 years old. Janelle is a fireball; her energy is amazing, and her transparency is admirable. She's an open book, and she's real and raw.


Janelle and I reordered this episode about the unique struggles that young breast cancer survivors with young children face. It was just a couple of months before our survivor anniversary, and I say ours because we were diagnosed in the same month. 

Shortly after we recorded the show, Janelle went in to have an implant replaced, and it was discovered that she had metastatic disease. 


Now I know a lot of you get really bummed when you hear something like that, but I want to let you know that Janelle is doing amazing. I saw some pictures of her posing in a bathing suit on Facebook the other day and I've never seen her look so good. 

If you are a young survivor, I want you to hear this powerful message from Janelle…. Clip #5


Self-care friends...you must take care of yourself and be present in your life...it changes everything….


And speaking of self-care, I'm not surprised that coming in at number 5 is episode 36..hot flashes and phytoestrogens...Holy cow...hot flashes and menopause are no fun and when they come on literally overnight and are exacerbated by chemotherapy or hormone therapies... it's the worst! But there are things you can do to minimize the effects...check this out...clip #6...Dr. Nagourney would be proud!!! But it's true friends...exercise is medicine…


And not surprisingly, going right along with talk of exercise and menopause, #4 on the top 10 list is episode 37 body fat and cancer treatment...are the odds stacked against you...sadly...they kind of are, but that doesn't mean it's impossible just that you need to be more focused and consistent. 


So, I have to tell you that I researched this show in somewhat of a heated passion that was sparked by a visit to a new primary care Doctor who without ever having met me or knowing anything about my background began lecturing me on the difference between fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to help me understand how to lose weight. When I interrupted him to give him some insight on what I do daily and what I've been through...well...this clip starts off with what he said to me… Clip #7…. So love...do not feel alone or as if you are a failure if you find managing weight to be more difficult since treatment...I feel you, and the science supports you, but...you can do it...I promise...stay focused and get your mind in the right place….


And speaking of getting your mind in the right place...coming in at # 3 is the second episode I ever recorded...Episode #2 train your brain to think healthier thoughts.


This makes me incredibly happy because that's my life's work... it's what I do...your health, your happiness, your success, your relationships. Everything in this life starts with how you think about it.


And there's one simple thing you must learn to start thinking in ways that will change your life...here it is...Clip #8


That little trick...developing the ability to catch yourself and real your mind in...I'm pretty sure if you ask any of my revivify or empower members they will tell you I work with them on changing the way they think about things and that is what changes their feelings and their behaviors... it's the key….


So here we are winding down to the top 2 episodes of all time...and coming in at #2 is the introductory episode, episode # 1 Let Your lifestyle be your medicine.


So, I went back to that episode, which I haven't heard in years and I completely forgot that this show was originally called Let Your Lifestyle be your medicine. And I'm going to play a clip straight from that episode to tell why I decided to call the show that…...


Lol, I have no idea why I even talked about rice cakes there…. Probably because I didn't know what the heck I was doing.


That episode was recorded on the floor in my closet because that's what my coach told me would give it the best sound...and it wasn't too bad.


My first coach was an incredible woman named Trish Blackwell who I know and follow and adore to this day. She's a confidence and accountability coach.


She was presenting on how to use technology to support your business, and that sounded like exactly what I needed. What convinced me that thrush was the right person for me is that she told the story of how her coach told her to start a podcast and she did it not knowing what she was doing.


Her coach told her to start an app, to build an online course and not knowing anything, she did it and figured it out. I loved how scrappy and bold she was and that she did it scared and figured it out along the way.


She'll always have a special place in my heart and I'll always treasure the direction and encouragement she gave me.


Honestly, it was my relationship with Trish that taught me the value of having a coach. The value of being in a safe space with someone who gets what you're going through and genuinely wants to see you achieve your potential.


Since then, as I've grown and learned and my needs have changed, I've had other coaches and each of them was perfect for where I was at and will always have a special place in my heart. The coach I have now inspires and pushes me daily to think in ways that allow me to reach my potential and not allow my thoughts to limit me.


And in turn, I want to do that for you. I believe with all my heart that the best investment of time and money is when you put it into personal growth.


And speaking of personal growth and change, I have to say, and I know you've heard me say this before... I've found the most challenging thing to come to terms with since going through breast cancer treatment has been weight gain, managing weight, and managing my metabolic health. 


These were things I never had to worry about. I worked hard to make sure that I was healthy and fit...but dang pumping toxins through your veins and being thrown into menopause is a game-changer and judging from the fact that the most downloaded episode of all time is episode #8 five facts you need to know about ketogenic diets for breast cancer recovery... I'd say that's a big struggle for a lot of you too.


So, here's a clip from the number 1 episode of the breast cancer recovery coach podcast.


I really hope you enjoyed this top ten episode ...I have to tell you going back and listening to these shows, which is something I don't do after they're published has been really meaningful for me.. I can remember the first time I pushed the button to release the first episode of this podcast and how excited I was when the first download happened, and now the show has been downloaded more than 70,000 times all over the world.

I used to get so excited if I saw that 10 or 20 people heard it in a month...I felt like I was making a difference and hopefully helping someone...and now it's downloaded 5,000 times a month.


I share that with you because I think it mirrors recovery a bit. You know when you're in the spot you're in, it's hard to imagine being somewhere else. 


It's hard to believe that things will change. Still, they do...as long as you keep trying...as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other and focusing on the way you are thinking to improve the way you're feeling and to change the actions you take in your life...things do change, and you will evolve and look back and say wow...I forgot that's where I started...or I didn't realize how much I changed or how much I accomplished until I look back at where I was then.


I tell my members all the time "give yourself credit...acknowledge every little thing you do...every change you make and when your brain starts to tell you otherwise catch it, become aware that you are in charge of what you're thinking and the impact your thoughts are having on you and on your life. 


Three years ago, I was sitting on my closet floor recording a podcast that no one was listening to, and now thousands of women listen, and I've created programs that dozens of those women have been through, and I personally watch them change their lives….Start with believing that you can achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve.

 Whether it's your health, your relationships, your career...anything...you can do it.

And you know I'm here to help.

 I appreciate you so much, and I am forever grateful that you're here and you're listening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


If you're interested in working with me or getting more support in your recovery you can join the free breast cancer recovery group, which you can find on Facebook, you can enroll in my newest program the BCRC.  This course is an introduction to the four pillars of breast cancer recovery, and it will help you to develop an awareness of how you treat yourself and give you a path to practicing more self-compassion, it will help you take a mindful approach to nutrition and change your relationship with food. It will support you in revisiting the relationships in your life and strengthen the ones that serve you as you build empathy and connection to those special people and it will teach you how to create an intentional life.


3 These are lessons straight from my revivify program that will open again in January so you can begin working on some critical areas of recovery now….and of course, this podcast is always here for you, and I'm always open to any suggestions if there are things you would like to hear about.


Well, that's it for episode 100 thank you for supporting me all this time and for growing with me through audio issues and long-winded, sassy moments, for taking time to leave ratings and reviews because that truly does get this message out to more survivors, so you're doing this work with me sister and I appreciate it.


I'll talk to again next week and until then...be good to yourself.



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