#8 Five Facts You Need to Know
About the Ketogenic Diet and
Breast Cancer

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"...so much has resonated with me. The podcast Transformation was amazing. My new mantra (well I have several thanks to you!) is “Challenges will come. Don’t resist transformation. Embrace it”. I say it over and over in my head on the tougher days. And then I ask myself “WHAT are you going to do? Not the WHY me”. I also absolutely love “Let your lifestyle be your medicine!” I am a physician and I have carried so much of this into my daily practice caring for others! A huge thank you for making such an impact!!"

empowered999 , 03/01/2019

In this episode, You'll learn about the history of the ketogenic diet and how it has been found to benefit an array of health issues from epilepsy to cancer.

I'll share five important ways that the ketogenic diet can benefit breast cancer survivors and five easy ways to implement this diet into your life.

If you want to learn about a scientifically proven way to support your breast cancer recovery and to shed some extra body fat. You won't want to miss this episode.


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