Listen Now! - #363 Caring For Your "Second Heart" After Breast Cancer


I’m Laura, I help women take charge of their health and their minds to create lives that are Better Than Before Breast Cancer™

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Give Yourself Some Love.


Use this self-love journal to connect to yourself like never before. Explore your thoughts on what you need and deserve to create a life that's Better Than Before Breast Cancer™ .


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You Don't Have to Be Afraid of Food


This simple guide will help you clear up the confusion about what's ok to eat. Filter through the Social Media sales pitches and get back to basics


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It's Normal to Feel Lost and Disconnected


Breast cancer is a trauma that can result is disconnecting from yourself. This five-day meditation series is designed to help you move out of survivor mode and into Self-Compassion


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I’ve been coaching breast cancer survivors since 2017 and I've been managing breast cancer in my life since 2011. I know what you're going through and I get it on every level.

As a Life, Health, and Nutrition Coach and Certified Terrain Advocate, I meet you where you're at, whether that's spinning from a new diagnosis or ready to create a nutrition program based on your DNA.

I've been there and I've supported others through that work.

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Supporting your healing can feel raw and vulnerable. When you need individual attention, provide coaching sessions are a safe space for all of your needs and all of your emotions.

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If you're ready to go all in when it comes to understanding how to support your body from your DNA to your bloodwork to your thoughts. Metabolic Health Coaching is for you.

Get an in depth health analysis from a metabolic perspective along with the support and guidance you need to move toward optimal health.

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"The positive feedback from coaching enabled me to find peace with what I am going through and to help understand what my loved ones were going through as well."


Petra Fahey