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Here's how
The Revived Membership Experience works:

Every month we focus on a new part of creating a healthy, fulfilling life.

You receive downloadable PDF action sheets, a coaching video on the month's topic, access to the member's only podcast and Facebook group to ask questions and post insights.

We have three live coaching sessions each month where you can get coached or learn from watching others.

I'll teach and coach you on powerful tools to manage your mind and change your life.

How you will benefit:

I can tell you about how you'll learn to think differently, and how that will:

-Reduce your fear and anxiety

-Give you more control over your emotions

-Inspire you to live your life with passion and abundance

But I'd rather let you hear it from others who have already experienced the transformation from working with me.

What others have to say about working with Laura

Debi Arnold

The session on practicing “self compassion” was a great reminder to be gentle with myself!  I also made some great breakthroughs as I explored my relationship with food.  Laura!  You are amazing!

Eileen Strong

The power & simplicity of reframing the way I thought about my medicine & treatments was an Ephinany! “Healthy Healing” & your group counseling are simply priceless!

Cheri Henderson

I needed guidance and tools on how to live my new life after breast cancer treatment. I learned that I had to let go of who I was before, and embrace the new (and changed me) so that I can live my life with recharged intention and purpose.

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