#80- 8 Tips to Take Charge of Your Wellness in Challenging Times

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In challenging, fearful times, it’s important to keep perspective and find ways to stay calm and identify what you can actually control 
That may be a short list including the way you think and react but it’s a powerful list nonetheless.  

Even though we never really know what life is about to send our way, in situations like a pandemic, our lack of control over life’s circumstances can’t be ignored. But, If you’re a breast cancer survivor, you’ve faced these circumstance s before. 

You know what it’s like to have to manage curveballs and still find a way to keep your sanity, remain calm and figure out how to carry on. 

In this show we’ll talk about 8 things you can do while life is changing at lightening speed to support your wellness, stay connected to your community and even enrich your future. 


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 



Self Myofascial release 

Zoom Video Conferencing 

Amazon Flex 


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