#60 Why We Seek Validation
& How to Stop

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When you listen, really listen to the words of other survivors you'll hear it...the plea to be heard, the need to be understood, the desire for others to know and understand that we didn't ask for this, and we're doing everything we can to change it and take care of ourselves.

We often find ourselves justifying our diet and behaviors or being diagnosed with new issues that we know were caused by treatment, even though it seems like no one else gets that.

Why is it so important to be heard?

Why do we need others to understand what we're going through, and how can we turn the table and be comfortable with that knowledge within ourselves?

That's what you'll hear about in this week's show.

You'll get a better understanding of what validation means to us but, more importantly, you'll learn an exercise to help you get to the root of your need for validation so you can move into a place of being comfortable with your own truth.


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