#55 Do Relationships and Life Events Happen for a Reason?

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Relationships...they can bring a ton of joy into your life, and they can cause some of the most intense pain. 

When the going gets tough, as in a cancer diagnosis, sometimes we're surprised at who we can really count on and who disappears. 

And if a relationship is already fractured, a tough emotional situation can be the last straw. 

Could it be that relationships all have a purpose or a season, or that all things good or bad really do happen for a reason?

In this episode, I'll share my favorite perspective on relationships from an inspirational teacher and motivator, Lisa Nicols. 

Her unique insights on relationships have helped me gain perspective and let go of some of the guilt and sadness that comes with changes or ends to relationships.

These ideas expand way beyond romantic relationships and can be applied to business partners, friends, colleagues, even neighbors.

As a survivor, you know that going through cancer has a big impact on the relationships in your life and that your own expectations of relationships can shift.

Listen in for some knowledge nuggets that might help you with the relationships in your life.



Lisa Nicols on relationships




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