#45 Sensuality and Sex After Breast Cancer

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In this episode you'll hear from Dr. Angela Cooke Jackson PhD, an expert on health behaviors and human sexuality.

Angela is an Associate Professor of Health Communication and Behavioral Science, at California State University in Los Angeles.

She has traveled the world, Australia, Italy, Peru and Hong Kong, studying and researching sexual health literacy and health disparities.

Her work has been published in many Journals including the  Journal of Human Sexuality, Health Communication, Communication Teacher, Communication Studies, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research.

Angela's confidence and comfort with sexuality offers a solid foundation that you can work from to get your arms around the issues that come with breast cancer, sexuality and intimate relationships.

It's time to bring more awareness to the struggle of recreating life after cancer.

Breast cancer recovery is not something you need to go through alone. 

Thankfully we have women like Angela and networks of other survivors to pave the way and show us a light on this journey.

Listen to this show and get tips on working with your new body, recreating your intimate interactions, and gain some valuable tips on having tough talks with your intimate partner.


Angela's Twitter account: @DrCookeJackson


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