#40 Seven Steps to Becoming More Resilient

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"Great encouragement and answers

I am in the middle of Breast Cancer treatment and find this podcast to be helpful and calming. Laura’s voice is nice and she is smart with great info but with compassion and empathy. I am done with chemo, dbl mastectomy last month and about to begin radiation treatment. I’m ready to live my best life. "

cowetagirl, 04/24/2019

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

When life feels like its coming at you from all directions, or when you're managing a difficult situation...like surviving cancer...you have to have the ability to bounce back, get on track and live life with happiness and peace of mind.

Some of us are naturally more resilient than others, but the good news is we are all capable of increasing our resilience when we learn and practice the necessary behaviors

In this show, you'll learn about what resiliency actually is and seven practices that anyone can use to become more resilient, so that you can bounce back from the challenges of life with ease.


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