#203 Embracing the Gift of Life

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There are times when life feels like a grind. 

You hear sad things; the fridge breaks down at the same time as the washing machine. 

You get a breast cancer diagnosis when you’re planning a dream trip. 

You save some money and then get an unexpected bill for that amount. 

This is the thing, there’s good and bad every day, all the time in life. 

I remember a mentor of mine asking me one time, “Will you focus on the 5-10% of someone’s personality you don’t like or the 90-95% of the good things they have to offer?” 

The same goes for life. 

Will you see the gift in it while you process the challenges, or will you focus on the challenges and miss the beauty of the gifts? 

In this episode, we’ll dig into the gift of life with a real perspective that includes sadness and loss. 

Then I’ll leave you with an exercise in seeing the gifts in your life and the gift you are to others.

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