#202 What is Your Energy Creating in Your Life?

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When you think of creating or attracting good things in life, one of the first steps to living the reality you want is to notice the reality you’re creating now. 

The stories we tell ourselves often feel true and unchangeable.  

Especially when you get caught up in all the things without taking time to examine your role in the life you’re living. 

I recently came across a quote by Einstein that got me thinking about the reality of what our energy attracts to our lives. 

I’m not referring to drawing cancer to yourself, but the life you live while you’re managing or recovering from cancer. 

In this episode, I’ll share some important steps you need to take when you’re figuring out how to create the life you want to live. 

Referred to in this episode: 

Better Than Before Breast Cancer Life Coaching Membership 

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You're listening to the breast cancer recovery coach podcast. I'm your host, Laura Lummer. I'm a Certified Life health and nutrition coach, and I'm also a breast cancer thriver. If you're trying to figure out how to move past the trauma and the emotional toll of breast cancer, you've come to the right place. In this podcast, I will give you the tools and the insights to create a life that's even better than before breast cancer. Well, let's get started.

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Hello, friends, welcome to episode 202 of the breast cancer recovery coach podcast. I'm your host, Laura Lummer. Still recovering from some dying COVID That COVID seems to hang around for a long time, I can still hear it in my voice, but doing much, much better. So before I jump into this episode, I just have a question want to ask you a question? Have you taken the time to leave a rating review for the breast cancer recovery coach podcast? And if not, would you do that for me for the show. And for some other person going through breast cancer recovering from breast cancer someone else out there that needs it in the same way that you needed to hear it is super easy to leave a review. Just go wherever you're listening to if you're listening on your phone, you can just scroll down and it says ratings and reviews. I think that on Google Play, I don't know that actually, you can leave a rating I think you like the show. If you're listening to it on SoundCloud, you can give it a like anything that you can do to rate or review, it really helps the show get shown to more people. And then it gives the opportunity to help someone else who really could use hearing about it. So you can take the time to do that. Just know that I tremendously appreciate it. So so much it means the world to me.

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So that's it. That's all I have as far as commercial breaks for today. So I'm going to jump right into this show. And I want to start off with a quote, because I came across this quote within the last week. And it just really resonated with me, and made so much sense to me. And I've actually just been meditating on this quote, even when I go for my morning walks, which is really my quiet time in my healing time. And I wanted to share it here because I think it has well because it does have a lot to do with what I'm going to talk about in the show today. So this is a quote by Albert Einstein. And the quote is, everything is energy. And that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want. And you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics, and of quote.

Unknown Speaker 2:55
Now, I love that quote, because as I've shared so many times on the podcast, I've worked a lot on approaching my life from a future focus, meaning I use and adopt the mentality, that I am someone whose body is healed from metastatic breast cancer. I tell myself that I am a person who has healed from metastatic breast cancer. I make daily lifestyle choices on that. When I look at food, I think I am a person who's healed from metastatic breast cancer, is that something that I would eat, and I make my decisions with that future focus. So when I saw this quote, and I saw that match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help, but draw it to you. It's physics. And I thought that is so cool. And I love that so much because that is what I'm practicing in my life. And because this works all ways this works when you are trying to create a reality for yourself. And it works for the reality you are creating for yourself right now. Now in my membership and both my empower and better than before breast cancer memberships right now. We've been working we're halfway through this eight week project of becoming you and becoming you is the name for it because we all have this vision or desire right of who we want to be. Now, some of us are in frustrating places because we're holding on to who I want to be as who I used to be. And that can bring up a lot of problems for you. Many times we have this idea who I want to be as a person who exercises more a person who eats better a person who has better connections and relationships. A person who has their own business

Unknown Speaker 5:00
He's written a book who has a job, right? We all have these visions of the person we want to be. And if we're not there yet, if we are not that person, then we're becoming that person. And while we're becoming that person, so many things get in the way, so many roadblocks come up. And where do they come up from? They come up from our mind.

Unknown Speaker 5:28
So I have clients all the time, who come to me overwhelmed, scared, and all over the place with anxiety, in what they want, is a sense of calm. They desperately want a sense of calm. I have clients who come to me who are angry, who are stuck, they'll use that word, I am so stuck there in inertia. And what they want is to feel motivated and inspired again in their lives.

Unknown Speaker 6:02
I bet you're thinking, Oh, are you gonna tell us how to do that? And the answer is, yes, I'm going to tell you the first step in how to do that. If you want to move in your life, from feeling all over the place with anxiety and fear and overwhelm, or if you want to move from being in a place of being stuck, and heavy and an inertia and angry, the first thing you have to do is stop.

Unknown Speaker 6:34
And you have to see what you're doing right now.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
When I use that quote that I started off with, and I say, match the energy of the reality, you want to create one very important thing, the first thing we want to do when we hear that is go, oh, let me think and grow rich. You know, let me act like a millionaire. But you've got to stop because you are where you are in your life, for a reason. And I mean, where you are, what you're creating what you're thinking, what you're feeling. And that reason is exactly what you're thinking what you're doing and or not doing right now. So the important thing, when you are trying to live a certain way to feel a certain way, is that you've got to stop and see what's keeping you where you are now.

Unknown Speaker 7:30
Now, as we're going through this becoming you, we have one question we're working on each week, for eight weeks, we start off that first week, with just creating 30 minutes in that week. For ourselves, that was the only assignment in the first week, get a calendar out, find 30 minutes for yourself, write it down and commit to it. And I've got to tell you, that that was very challenging for a lot of members. Now, when it is a challenge for you to find 30 minutes in a week, not in a day, not 30 minutes every day, just 30 minutes in a week for yourself. If that's a challenge for you, that's a big red flag, then it's time to stop. It is time to stop and look at where you're at right now. It's time to stop and consider the things that you're telling yourself. And the reality you're creating.

Unknown Speaker 8:36
Many, many times I have clients say to me, I'm just too busy. I'm so busy, I have so many things, I really want to do this program, I really need this, but I'm too busy.

Unknown Speaker 8:46
When you hear yourself, say that friend, the first thing you need to do is to frickin stop. You need to stop for a minute. We women go through life, thinking that if we stop, the world is going to come to an end, no one will be able to figure out how to eat, no one will be able to figure out how to do what they do at work, everything's gonna go to hell PGAS gonna fall apart, the world's gonna come crashing down if we don't show up. Right? We think we're so important in the scheme and the dynamics of the world.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
And it's really time to stop and recognize that if you take a moment for yourself to notice what you're creating,

Unknown Speaker 9:36
everything's going to be okay.

Unknown Speaker 9:38
I my last job. I worked with this organization for many years wonderful organization. And we could accumulate up to 144 hours of vacation time. And on a regular basis, I would receive emails from people that would say, sorry, I'm going to be out of the office next week because I'm being forced

Unknown Speaker 10:00
to use my vacation time I've maxed out.

Unknown Speaker 10:03
And every time I would see an email like that, I would think, right, what you're being forced to use vacation time, because I would look in my benefits. And I would see, as soon as there was nine hours, bam, I had an extended weekend. Soon as there was time to take, I took it. I was like, Oh, let me go live my life. Right? Let me get out of this building. Let me go live my life. Let me go do what I love. Let me be engaged and living.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
We work 36 hours a week, right? So 144 hours, that's a month, you guys a month of vacation time, a month of time you have for yourself, and it takes quite a while to accumulate that you've taken no time for your life. A month in so many months, that an organization comes knocking at your door and says Hey, Suzie Q sorry, but you have to take days off next week. What the flip and flip is going on, when we cannot take the time to stop for a friggin minute. And notice what is happening in our lives. Notice what we are creating in our lives.

Unknown Speaker 11:25
It is so vitally important. It is important when you are first diagnosed and you feel completely overwhelmed. And I have several new clients who are newly diagnosed, and they go right into the spin out which I totally understand new terminology, scared to death, lots of decisions to make, and everything feels like it has to be made today. And friends, I want to tell you, it doesn't. I know it feels that way. But you can stop. The worst thing you can do with a new diagnosis is tell yourself you can't stop is telling yourself you got to show up to work tomorrow. Take the friggin day off, stop. Take a breath. Check in with yourself. Take two days off, take a week off, check in with yourself and get some help get some support. Reach out to someone who's been where you are. Go to a foundation or the local hospital everybody most people have for newly diagnosed they have support systems for newly diagnosed people ask your questions. Reach out take time for you. This is so important. And I'm emphasizing it so much because I want you to think about it think again about this quote. Now that was a quote I shared with you from Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant minds human minds in history. And if this is a brilliant human mind saying match the frequency of the reality you want and you will attract it. There is no other way that is physics.

Unknown Speaker 13:04
Think about where you're at right now. And what you're creating by your own energy.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Is it time to stop? Now you may be thinking, Okay, well, what if I'm in inertia, and I'm angry and I'm stuck and I feel stuck. And I feel like I do is stop and I don't go anywhere? We'll stop with intention, then

Unknown Speaker 13:24
we stop with intention in that point and say, Look what I'm creating for myself? What am I thinking that's keeping me stuck in this place? What am I not doing? That's moving me closer to the life I want to live in the person I want to become?

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Am I writing things on the calendar that I need to do? And my thinking I am this person and these are the decisions that person makes? Am I telling myself Hey, the person I want to be as a person who gets up every single day and goes for a walk is a person who makes dinner is a person who connects to their family on a weekly basis? Are you doing that? And if not, why? It's time to stop and look at that. This taking a break for yourself. This stopping to see what you are doing now. And what you are not doing now is so important for you and your life and your happiness. When it comes down to it. And we see what we're doing now. This is why we avoid it so much. We have to own it.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
We have to realize we're in control of what we're doing and what we're not doing. I'm in control of whether or not I put out a podcast every week. If suddenly my podcast listenership drops by half and I look at and I say well, I haven't put a podcast out in two weeks. That's not me. Right? What am I doing? What am I not doing? And that applies to everything that we do or don't do in life across the board across the board, but we've

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Got to take the time to stop and create a space to look at what we are creating now. Now I was thinking about this, I'll share a story with you.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
A couple of days ago, I was out walking on the beach and I was in a funk, I was in a mental funk. And I'm walking on the beach, which is a time where I really do spend that time in meditation in thought, I have some healing meditations that I do, I feel my dad, my brother, like I talk to you and connect to the people who have left my life but who I still love very much. And I was walking on the beach. And I was thinking about that. And I was in this funk. And I started questioning what I do and how I do it. And why I think these practices are healing practices. And I started saying to myself, or asking myself like, what if I'm just wrong? What if dad doesn't hear me? What if all that I'm doing is just bullshit? What if none of it matters? And I have no control over anything? What if that's really true.

Unknown Speaker 16:16
And in that moment, as I was thinking that way, I thought, Oh, my God, I feel horrible. That's so depressing. And that makes me feel heavy and sad and disconnected and alone. And I thought,

Unknown Speaker 16:34
you know, I'm noticing this feeling. And I see that I'm creating this feeling right now. I'm creating this feeling with these thoughts that are coming from this funk that I'm in.

Unknown Speaker 16:45
And the truth is, I could be wrong.

Unknown Speaker 16:50
But the truth is, also I could be right.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
And here in this moment in my life, I choose to go with what makes me feel good. And if I'm wrong, we'll find out at another time. But right here right now, as I stop and notice what I'm creating by thinking this way, I don't want it. And there's no evidence that it's true. So I'm going to choose to go with the other thought which there is also no evidence that it's true. So they're equally fair, right. And I'm going to create this for myself now.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
And it made me think about when I was studying yoga, and I did my yoga teacher training in 2006. And then I went on for three years to study yoga, and yoga philosophy with an amazing group of people and amazing gentleman who was inducted into yoga and was a yogi was from India was you know, just very legit. And we studied the Yoga Sutras. And if you're into yoga, you may have heard of them before you may not and but the Yoga Sutras are just kind of like these laws and these sayings, right. And there are things that you can do to personal development to help you just kind of get to know your mind. And the Yoga Sutras are written by the authors called Patanjali. And it starts off with this saying, and I remember our teachers, he would teach it and he said, If you understood what this meant, you would never need to study any further. And that line was

Unknown Speaker 18:25
yoga is now and this is historically the story goes, this is how potentially began teaching his students he would he used that line, he said, yoga is now and this was also potentially his philosophy. If you knew what that meant, then you wouldn't need to be her. And I remember hearing that. And I remember thinking, What the heck, that makes absolutely no sense to me. And this is years later now. So what we're in 2022, and this was back in 2000 678, or 2007 to 2009 around there. But it really stuck with me. And as I continued to do work, both on life coaching and on myself and later, you know, I was diagnosed with cancer. And that yoga training I did was a really big part of I think mentally and spiritually my ability to, to process and deal with my first diagnosis of cancer. But I think about that saying now, and I think about it as I coach people. And most of the time when I'm coaching someone, it is because they have themselves in a state of being that is a result of thoughts of future things. So they're telling themselves stories of something that might go wrong. That might happen. That might be awful. That might be worst case scenario. And on and on the stories go. And right now in this moment, even though they may be perfectly fine, and actually have a wonderful life.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
If their brain is so stuck in what if mode, and all the other things, and this could happen, that now is being overlooked.

Unknown Speaker 20:13
So when I think about that line now yoga is now what is yoga yoga means the yoga and yoga is unity. And when I think about that, it's like, wow, yeah, the unity of our body, and our mind, and our life. And this moment, the only moment we have this one, right now, the only thing there is,

Unknown Speaker 20:37
that's yoga. If you could be here, now, if you could stop with all the things you're telling yourself,

Unknown Speaker 20:48
and just notice where you're at right now. And what energy you're creating in your life, and what results that energy is creating in your life. That is an incredible awareness and an incredible step towards realizing why you're not where you want to be.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
It's an amazing step in saying, Oh, look what I'm doing. Look what I'm not doing. Look what I'm telling myself. That's why I don't feel the way I want to feel. That's why I'm not living the way I want to live.

Unknown Speaker 21:30
But in order to notice that, you've got to stop.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
So I shared with you a moment ago, how I was in this funk. And I was really thinking about in that moment, what's real and what's not real, and what is the purpose of life. And I came home that day. And I started to outline a podcast that was really about purpose, the purpose of life. And I went into a coaching call with my Empower members. And it was so interesting, because right before we started that call, one of them had posted a podcast, there was on the purpose of life by Elizabeth Gilbert, I'm going to look up that link. And I'll actually post it in the show notes for this podcast. So when we got on that call, I said, Talk to me about that, tell me what you think, is the purpose of life. And we had this incredible discussion. It resonates so much with me right now. Because almost everyone believed that the purpose is just being where you are now, and really loving your life. Allowing yourself to be in your life right now without judging it, without wishing it with something else, without wishing it was somewhere else. And just being able to really be here in the moment, connecting to who you are, to who you're with, into how you're living. And that we can do that, and enjoy that and love that and be in the moment. And we're in our purpose. And I just thought that was so cool. And it just really aligned with this whole idea of creating the energy that you want, with matching the frequency of your morality, noticing where you're at in this moment, and then deciding to just love it no matter what. You know, it's like when we have relationships in our life, and we don't want to be controlling of people, we don't want to be throwing manuals at them, you should be this way you should behave that way. We want to get to that point where we just love them for who they are, regardless of who they are, regardless of faults just like we want to be loved, regardless of our faults just love us for who we are, right? Let us be real, let us be authentic, and let us be loved. And I think that that is the same thing for our life, that when we're just so busy, and so going and so frenetic or so stuck, that we're not even present. Because that happens on either end of the spectrum, right? If you're overwhelmed with anxiety, and you're going 100 miles a minute, you're not being present in this moment of your life and noticing what you need. And the same happens when you're stuck and you're in that dark place. And your thoughts are just dwelling on the past and past regrets and past shame. That also prevents you from being present in this very moment. So I wanted to share that with you today. Because I tell you that quote for me was so powerful led me down this line of thinking but it was just so beautiful, how it all aligned with the moment that I was having for myself. And the moment that my group was all having and how everybody just so beautifully shared in that energy. And that idea that the purpose of our life is being here now. Being in it

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Today, no matter where you are, in this spectrum, from newly diagnosed, to going through it, to just finishing it to being years out from it, no matter where you are, being in this moment and noticing what you're doing, and what you're not doing, and what you really want, that gives you the opportunity and the space to match the frequency of the reality you want to create. And that, to me is just a powerful, powerful place to be and a powerful, powerful knowing. So I offer that invitation to each of you listening to this podcast, to just take a moment. And just stop for yourself

Unknown Speaker 25:56
and start looking at what are you doing right now? What are you creating for yourself right now? Do you like it? Are you happy with it? Would you like it to shift somehow.

Unknown Speaker 26:09
And just stay right in that place noticing that. Because that's we don't want to jump too far too fast. Stay there, and get to know it get to know what your brain is throwing up at you. Because that way as you start to move forward, you'll recognize Oh, these are the stories my brain gives me to try to stop me from moving forward. These are the the stories my brain gives me that keeps me stuck. And then we get to know that brain and we get to know it's like little tricks. And that is what helps us to move forward in creating a better energy that we want in our lives. I hope that helps somebody out there today. And if you need help with that you can always come and join me in the better than before breast cancer life coaching membership, where this is the stuff we do. We know we work on what your brain puts out there so that you can actually live the life you want every single day be fully engaged in it. And I'll tell you our brain gets in the way a lot. So it definitely takes support and practice and ongoing intentional living to make that happen. All right, I will talk to you again next week. And until then please be good to yourself and expect other people to be good to you as well. Take care friend.

Unknown Speaker 27:25
Courage to the test laid all your doubts

Unknown Speaker 27:32
your mind is clearer than before your heart is full and wanting more your futures



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