#194 Create Your Dreams With the Power of Your Story

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When I first began to realize the power of storytelling, I was reading the book, “Talk like TED”. 

The book focused on some of the most powerful TED talks ever given and what made them so moving for so many people. 

Over and over, the author found that the story the speaker shared was the secret sauce. 

Now I hear people’s stories on a daily basis. 

I hear them tell stories of suffering and sadness. 

And I work to help them bring forth the story of resilience and empowerment that lays beneath the suffering. 

I know that when you become aware of the story you tell yourself and others about you, you begin to see the result that story creates…the life you’re living. 

In this episode, I’ll share a powerful experience I had listening to survivor stories and what it meant to me and to others in the room. 

I’ll tell you three of the most common stories I hear from my clients that keep them stuck and I’ll give you a simple tip to help you see your stories through a different lens that can change the path of whatever you decide on. 


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