#185 Food is Not The Problem

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There was a time, not so long ago, when food was a focus of daily life solely for survival. 

People farmed, hunted, gardened, canned, and put a lot of effort into ensuring there would be enough food to keep them alive. 

Now, there are so many food options that the choices are overwhelming, it’s easy to overconsume and become overwhelmed. 

Add in the fear factor that comes up after breast cancer and there’s a whole new layer of confusion. 

You worry about: 

The right choice 

The safe choice 

What will heal you 

What will help you lose weight 

What will prevent inflammation 

And that’s how the diet industry gets you or leaves you overwhelmed, and you just give up. 

In this show, I’ll give you some insights on something that is more important than what food to choose, what diet to follow, or what new supplement to take…what you think about food and the food choices you make. 

Sound too simple? Check out this episode and see what you think. 


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