#184 Why You Need to Have Your Own Back

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So many of us go through life tearing ourselves apart. 

We judge our looks, our decisions, our accomplishments, our strengths, and our weaknesses. 

We blame ourselves for just about everything we can think of including how other people think and feel. 

Then a diagnosis of a life-threatening disease happens and there are so many more things we can beat ourselves up for, not the least of which is what we did to get cancer in the first place. 

Isn’t it time to start having your own back? 

Imagine a life where you don’t decide how you’ll punish yourself before you even try something. 

A life where you just say to yourself, it’s ok, you did your best, don’t beat yourself up…and then you listened to yourself. 

Well, you can have that life. 

Check out this week’s episode to hear more about how to have your own back. 


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