#173 I Don't Want to Think This Way Anymore

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Sometimes our biggest barrier to change is the belief that we shouldn’t have negative thoughts.

After working so hard to stay positive, think healthier thoughts, and adopt a good mindset, negative thoughts should go away, right?

Not so fast…

Your brain is wired to avoid pain and keep you safe.

So, it is always going to offer thoughts to steer you away from expending too much energy, creating change…even if it’s positive, or letting go of what has caused pain in the past.

Because if you let go you might do it again.

At least from your brain’s perspective.

Let me save you a lot of energy and struggle with this one simple tip:

Let your brain think all the negative thoughts it wants to.

Yep, stop fighting it.

Confused? Check out this episode and let me clear it up for you.


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