#121 No Bad Days...Yeah Right

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Sometimes it’s hard to balance the ideas of staying positive and still experiencing hard days.

Is it all or none?

Are you positive or negative? That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on ourselves.

This is life, and life comes with challenges, hard days, and painful emotions.

I don’t think it’s beneficial or realistic to pretend these things don’t happen or to tell ourselves we “shouldn’t” feel a certain way.

In fact, experiencing everything that comes up on hard days and processing the thoughts behind those emotions is an important part of managing our mind, claiming our emotional independence, healing our bodies and minds, and making the conscious decision to feel the way we want to feel.

In this week’s show I’ll share how I work through my own hard days along with the common pitfalls that can keep us stuck in negative emotions and a place of giving up our emotional independence.


The Importance of naming your emotions


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