Are you ready to drop all the confusion and labels around health?

Overwhelm always leads to inaction. That's why I want to guide you back to simplicity, by understanding your own body and caring for it in a gentle heart-centered way. After a diagnosis of breast cancer, you can feel forced into many things, nourishing your body shouldn't be one of them.

90 Days of Wellness will lead you back to feeling confident about being the expert on yourself. 

It's time to ditch labels, deprivation, and confusion in favor of intuition, lifestyle, and self-love.

Learn how to improve your gut health to support your mood, digestion and immunity.

Understand the value of proper hydration to support health and healing.

Discover how to move your body with joy and a focus on self-love.

Practice a mindful approach to wellness by learning to listen to your body and manage cravings.

Leave deprivation and discipline behind and find joy in a healthy lifestyle.

Create a sustainable plan for self-care and healthy living that works for you.

Video Coaching 

I've packed this course with videos on each lesson and additional supportive content to help you with every step.
I want you to feel in charge of your health and empowered to make choices that support your body to achieve its optimal wellness.
I know there are sticking points on the way to change so I'll give you lots of guidance to help you through the tough spots.

Easy-to-follow PDF Downloads 

Each week you'll receive a new lesson with recorded video coaching, colorful, Downloadable Action Guides, email instructions, and an easy-to-navigate member area where you can leave comments ask questions and get more support from me.

Easily Access on Any Device

You can listen to the video lessons and download the the action guides easily from any device on the app or on the web.
The private member area is easy to navigate, and interact in.

When you join me in 90 Days of Wellness, you won't get a food program or a workout to follow.

You'll learn to tune in to your own intuition, listen to your body, and understand your needs on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Your body is unique and when you tune into its cues and learn to love it exactly as it is, you'll want to feed it better, move it more, and allow yourself to enjoy life without guilt, shame, and judgment.

90 Days of Wellness is the beginning of that transformation and I would love to be your guide along the way.


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