Decide what you really want

Know exactly what you want in life and be able to state it clearly

Discover the person you need to become

Connect to the person you need to become to live the life you're committed to.

Create a plan to get there

Get the coaching, clarity, and direction you need to take your first steps 

Going through breast cancer can leave you feeling lost

When you realize you can't go back to the way things were but you have no idea how to move forward, you're left feeling frustrated and stuck.

First, know that you're not alone.

Most survivors I meet are left feeling confused and traumatized.

That's why I created the Becoming You 2.0 program.

This is a time of life when you need to reconnect to the person that's been buried inside you under all of life's expectations and responsibilities. It's hard to find a path forward without creating space for curiosity, self-compassion, and gentle, honest guidance from someone who's been there.


Get clear on who you want to become and allow yourself to step into that future version of yourself.

You'll get do-it-yourself downloadable videos and Action Guides, and you'll have access to live conversations with me to coach you through the rough spots.

Isn't it time to treat yourself with the priority you deserve?

Enroll today in the Becoming You 2.0 program, and take the first steps to reinventing yourself after breast cancer

Make the commitment to support yourself now and I'll commit to guiding you along the way.

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 Get instant access to:

  • Weekly video coaching lessons
  • Weekly action guides, with action steps
  • Private member area
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Access to four one-hour live calls with Laura
  • Access to Laura in the Member Area
  • Know what you want to create in your life
  • Learn what's holding you back
  • Decide who you need to become
  • Learn to love the future version of you
  • All the tools and support you need to get there