When I was finishing my 2 years of breast cancer treatments, I was really lost.

I was grateful to be alive, but I wasn’t the same person who went into this unexpected wrestling match. People told me I had won the match, but I didn’t feel victorious. I just felt different, beat up and confused.

When I started listening to Laura’s podcast there was something about her voice and her personality that made me feel not only comforted but hopeful. She is smart, funny, and obviously passionate about helping women recover in every aspect of their cancer journey.

Laura knows her stuff from several angles. She is an excellent coach in the Revivify Group that I have joined and has tons of resources she is willing to share. I am so grateful to this woman I have never met for caring enough to provide incredible support for me in this “after cancer” space. I felt very alone, but now feel so much sisterhood and validation, knowing I am not crazy (maybe a little).

-Mary Ann Eller

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