I finished my treatment for Breast Cancer (IDC Stage 2B) in February of 2018, at the tender age of 48. At that time I knew I needed to heal, that I needed to live differently and that I could not do this alone.

I went in search of supports. Thankfully I found The Breast Cancer Recovery Podcast and finally I found in Laura someone that “gets it” and has been there. I found her podcasts so insightful, so practical and she simplifies things that are not easy. I knew I had a lot to learn from this lady. When Revivify became available I had to join.

I’ve grown so much during the last 10 weeks in Revivify. In stepping through the process I’ve become more self-aware, I see the common struggles in moving on from this life changing event in my fellow Revivifies. I’m inspired and comforted by them. My goal is to lead a more present and intentional life.

More and more I’m catching myself in the moment and changing behaviors/thoughts that don’t serve me. This is all new for me and I love it.

This course is not just about getting back to wellness post breast cancer, is about giving you the skills to live a better life.

- Lynda Forde

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