So glad I decided to do Revivify with Laura and I would highly recommend it!  

What a wonderful gift and investment in myself and my recovery.  

I did not necessarily feel stuck prior to starting the program, but more of a disconnection between those who thought once treatment was done, I should be right back to my former self.  Finding someone who explains this very real phase of healing once physical treatments are done, along with such a supportive and amazing group of women in Revivify, lets you know you are not alone on this path.  The world can feel quite disconnected from cancer treatments added to the isolation of the pandemic.  

I learned many things about how to live more peacefully and more joyfully in the moment, even as I walk alongside the fears that come with being a cancer survivor.  Learning how to reframe my thoughts helps in so many other areas too, from purposefully claiming my time for my intentions to deciding how I will choose to enjoy treats instead of food controlling me. I find that I take care of myself with sleep, exercise, eating, and destressing with a renewed passion.  

My husband commented that he feels like a shadow has left our home in the past month, as I have started to move on, I am recovering and feeling better.  I feel it too :) Revivify grants you peace and reminds you of the power you have over life to enjoy it.  

Thank you so much, Laura, you are a phenomenal coach and I feel blessed to have your help!

- Kristin Magee

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