After going through a fast a furious treatment plan, I was then left on my own to play the "mental game."  I was already eating a clean diet and exercising daily, but the mental anguish was more painful than the treatments alone. 

I didn't know how to cope with a breast cancer diagnosis let alone how to process all of my feelings. 

After hours of relentless research and creating doom and gloom stories about how my life would end, I stumbled upon Laura's podcast and was instantly hooked. 

Laura spoke from the heart of a warrior who has walked the path of many women like myself. 

Her humor, honesty, and compassion struck a chord with me.  Her podcast was exactly what I needed to lift me out of the loneliness that I was experiencing. 

It was like having a best friend to cheer you and push you through.  

When I found out about the Revivify program there was no question or doubt that it was going to be what I needed and was it ever a game-changer for me. 

Working through the weekly modules gave me tools to implement in my daily life that has forever changed the way I think. 

I am now mindful of the thoughts and can take action to turn around my patterns of thinking. 

Each coaching call with Laura was the highlight of my week. 

I was amazed how quickly all of us bonded over our Zoom meetings; we truly became a sisterhood of thriving survivors.  I am so thankful for Laura and the devotion she has put into Revivify; she has blessed so many and is truly an angel put on Earth to do this work. 

Please do not hesitate, Revivify is a life-changing experience and you are worth it!  

- Cyndi Cook

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