The words, “You have Breast Cancer” change your life forever.

If you’re anything like me when I finished treatment for my first diagnosis in 2012, you know:

  • It’s a lot harder to lose weight on hormone therapy or after chemotherapy.
  • It's not "just hair, or a free boob job.
  • No one gets how you’re so not normal right now
  • Fear of recurrence can undermine your quality of life
  • The emotional toll is bigger than you could have ever imagined.

If you found yourself nodding, I know how you feel, and that’s why I created The Revived Membership Experience.

After my first diagnosis, I learned that fighting your own body didn’t make things better after breast cancer.

I learned that managing the thoughts that create anger, frustration, and fear, and connecting to your body with the intention of supporting your body's ability to heal are game changers.

Now, I support other survivors in doing exactly that.

If you’re ready to lay down that heavy warrior shield, and move beyond fear, and loneliness, to living a life by design, you are in the right place.

Join me in the Revived Membership Experience and let’s get started.


Here's What You'll Find 

The Revived Membership Experience


Let's work together to get back to life after breast cancer

Here's How the Revived Membership Experience Will Change Your Life

I created the Revived Membership Experience to support other women in recovering from the devastating experience of breast cancer and it's treatments.

In 2012 after finishing treatment for stage 2 breast cancer, I started the difficult road to recovery. For years I struggled and fought frustration, anger, feeling misunderstood, and desperately searching for a way to feel normal again.

Slowly, and while dragging my feet, I realized that giving up the fight was the answer to overcoming the struggle. 

Inside The Revived Membership, I support you in:

-managing your mind

-laying down your warrior shield

-learning to practice self-compassion

-supporting your body's ability to heal

-creating your life on purpose

You have the ability to move beyond powerlessness, being stuck in fear, and feeling betrayed by your own body.

If you're ready to do that, join me in The Revived Membership Experience today.

Here's What You'll Find Inside The Revived Membership Experience

Monthly Video Lesson

These video lessons support the monthly membership theme. 

I design them to give you insights on the topic, and share examples of how the topics apply to your life. 

When you enroll you have access to all of the previous and future lessons in the member area.                

Monthly Downloadable Guide 

Each month I design a downloadable pdf guide to support you in applying the monthly lesson to your life.

You'll find insights, and journaling exercises to help you move through tough thoughts that may be creating suffering, or stopping you from living your fullest life.

Three Live Coaching Calls Every Month 

These calls are gold! We meet live and you have the chance to be coached on any area where you want support or clarity.

As you listen to the monthly lesson, and work through the action guide, you'll gain insights on areas of your life that you want more support with.

This is the place to bring your questions, get coached, and learn from hearing others in our community receive coaching.

Private Member Only Podcast

If you can't make it to the live coaching calls or if you want to listen to them over and over again, getting new insights every time, this private member only podcast is just the thing for you.

You can find the monthly lessons, workshop recordings, coaching calls, and inspirational messages from me here.

Private Membership Area

You will have full access to the video library, all the bonuses, the coaching calls, and mini courses in this beautiful, easy to use member area.

You can also access the audio for everything you see in the member area on the private podcast.

This makes it so easy to make the most of all the lessons and recordings, connect to others, and find a way of using the membership that works for you.

Supportive Community

When it comes to navigating the challenging things, celebrating the breakthroughs, asking questions from people who get it, and feeling like you belong, there's nothing like a supportive community.

Our Member Only Facebook Group provides that space for you and other members of Revived to share and connect with each other.

Free Unlimited Member Access to my Workshops and Challenges

As long as you're an active member in Revived, you have unlimited access to the library of previous workshops and free access to all of my upcoming work shops and challenges.

I love to add value and inspiration to The Revived Membership Experience and I believe my members deserve to have it all.

Being part of Revived these past 6 months has been refreshing, thought provoking and enlightening. It is nice that someone “gets it” with breast cancer concerns.

Many of the podcasts and zoom discussions can be applied to life in general. It is amazing that when a new podcast or a new zoom takes place that the subject was just what I needed to hear!

I’ve had many “light bulb” moments!

Thanks to Laura and all the ladies in Revived!

~Monica Gonda

Answers to Some Common Questions


What others have to say about working with me

I am confident that I would not be in such a positive place in my recovery if I had not joined this group of supportive women. All of the members have benefited from Laura's knowledgeable leadership as she herself continues to heal from breast cancer. Read More...


- Petra Fahey

“After treatment ended I felt a great deal of confusion, loss, and fear without being able to articulate it or make sense of those thoughts. The Revived membership allows me to understand what I am going through and to approach each day with more serenity, patience and, most importantly, joy. Read More...


- Joelle Laissy

The session on practicing “self compassion” was a great reminder to be gentle with myself!  I also made some great breakthroughs as I explored my relationship with food.  Laura!  You are amazing! Read More...

- Debi Arnold

Here's What You'll Find 

I am here for you

Whether your finishing breast cancer treatment or learning to live with and manage breast cancer in your life, I'm here to support you. 

We're all at a different points emotionally and physically. 

Revived is designed to meet you where you are. 

You’ll learn so much about yourself, meet other survivors who understand what you’re going through, and I’ll be there coaching you, supporting you, and celebrating your successes all along the way. 

If you’re ready to recreate your life after breast cancer, The Revived Membership Experience is for you.