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Revivify: Release, Regroup, Revive

Get Instant Digital Access!

I'm so confident that REVIVIFY will bring new energy and a healthier perspective into your life that I'm willing to give you 100% of your money back if it doesn’t.

No Risk! Take a FULL 30 days and see for yourself. If after 30 days you’re not THRILLED, send me 1 email and I’ll immediately send your money back, no questions asked.

  • Here’s what you’ll learn…

    • Manage the expectations you have for yourself that actually holding you back from moving forward in your life.
    • How to carve out time for yourself and to learn why self care must be a priority for your healing.
    • Learn to calm your mind and train yourself to change your negative, fear based thought patterns with tools you already possess.
    • How to recognize your value and treat yourself with the loving kindness that you deserve.
    • Identify and maximize the relationships in your life that will truly support your healing and understand your experience.
    • How to change your relationship with food without having to follow complicated meal plans, calorie counting or adhering to any dietary labels.
    • The value and importance of moving your body while finding enjoyable ways to it every day.
    • To create a plan to support your healing and your thriving based on healthy boundaries, constructive goals and the practice of gratitude.

    When You Enroll Today, You Get:

    • Daily Training Videos: In-Depth Step-by-Step Videos that explain why the daily practice is important and how to complete the take action worksheet. ($99 value)
    • Step-by-Step Take Action Worksheets: Comprehensive Downloadable worksheets that you can print and use over and over as your healing progresses and your needs evolve. ($57 value)
    • Daily Action Inspiration: Daily Emails To Keep You Accountable ($47 value)
    • BONUS #1: Holistic Food Guides These comprehensive lists will help you choose the foods that will best nourish your body even as your needs change. ($47 value)
    • BONUS #2: Guided Mindfulness Meditation. This audio file can be downloaded and listened to over and over as you train your mind to let go of worry and focus on the present moment. ($25 value)
    • Access to our private, member only Facebook group where you will interact with me and an amazing group of like minded women who have lived through breast cancer treatment and are changing their lives in positive ways.

 $275.00 Value Yours Today, only $57.00 With Coupon Code BIGSAVINGS

REVIVIFY enrollment will close on October 31st until January 22, 2020.

So get in now at the low, introductory enrollment price.

What People Are Saying:

“After listening to the Breast Cancer Recovery podcast throughout the many months of my reconstruction surgeries, I was thrilled to hear about Laura’s Revivify program. For me, the podcasts were like a visiting neighbor, girlfriend or sister caring for my emotional well-being during a fragile stage. But now that I’m stronger, Revivify is great because the modules challenge me personally to think deeper and take definitive action. Laura breaks it down into short lessons with guided materials to support. Plus, the shared group and video calls bring a needed sense of community. So now, I feel more whole and I’ve learned to face fear. Like Laura says, You have to take fear by the hand and say, “Come on with me you little sh..” and journey on. Kiss, Kiss Laura & forever grateful,”

Mary Jo W.

““When I was finishing my 2 years of breast cancer treatments, I was really lost. I was grateful to be alive, but I wasn’t the same person who went into this unexpected wrestling match. People told me I had won the match, but I didn’t feel victorious. I just felt different, beat up and confused. When I started listening to Laura’s podcast there was something about her voice and her personality that made me feel not only comforted, but hopeful. She is smart, funny, and obviously passionate about helping women recover in every aspect of their cancer journey. Laura knows her stuff from several angles. She is an excellent coach in the Revivify Group that I have joined and has tons of resources she is willing to share. I am so grateful to this woman I have never met for caring enough to provide incredible support for me in this “after cancer” space. I felt very alone, but now feel so much sisterhood and validation, knowing I am not crazy (maybe a little).” ”

Mary Ann E.

“After being diagnosed with Stage 2A breast cancer and undergoing the torturous treatment regimens of surgery, chemo, and radiation, I was in desperate need of tools to empower me moving forward. Laura’s Revivify program was just that. Through encouragement, connection to resources, and daily activities, I became empowered to take action in the best way for me! ”

Kelly B.